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Showcasing the things that make Palestine a unique and inspiring destination

What started as a blog to share a London City Girl's experiences in Palestine, has now become one of the most used resources for things to do in and around Ramallah.


This also means that the goals for this website have changed: That's Ramallah Baby is less about writing about my personal experiences, and more about highlighting the many great things that Palestine has to offer. Ultimately I want to encourage more people to visit this beautiful and fascinating part of the world - I want to de-mystify Palestine / the West Bank / the Occupied Palestinian Territories. So many people have negative opinions about Palestine, that it is time to show the world that we can also come up with lists of great things to do here! 


With a new website also comes a new logo, and I'm so proud of it! It symbolises the coming together on top of a hill, which is what Ramallah is known for... the designer created this by chance and I love it. 


If you would like to join a mailing list, sign up using the form below. In the last year or so I've sent two updates, so signing up will help you remember the site and hopefully prompt you to visit it every once in a while. 


You can also email me on

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