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Showcasing the things that make Palestine a unique and inspiring destination

Bethlehem's best kept secret

I was in two minds as to whether to write about this hotel and restaurant, in fear of it being discovered by the masses - but then I remembered that this is really a niche website so if you read this then you deserve to know about this place. :) We had a fantastic 5-course meal at the Fauda Restaurant on Boxing Day, costing between 120NIS - 150NIS per person without alcohol. The service was impeccable and the staff were so friendly, they even took care of our baby almost the

Visit a Tahini factory in Nablus

Tahina, Tahini, Tehina... however you write it, this creamy and oily sesame paste is the main ingredient in hummus (after chickpeas of course). Nablus is famous for producing top quality tahini, and if you are in the old city it is definitely worth it to try to get a tour of one of the factories. We visited the Alul Tahina factory, which is just by the main roundabout at the start of the old city, but definitely worth asking locals for directions! Now largely modernised, the

Support Palestine's last remaining Kuffiyeh scarf factory

In Hebron, visitors can find the place of the last Palestinian "Kuffiyeh" factory, the cloth made famous by Arafat and an international symbol of Palestinian solidarity. Most Keffiyehs these days are made in China (or Jordan), so it is a great souvenir to bring back a real one Made in Palestine. The Hirbawi factory is also a fascinating place to visit, and the owners and factory workers are pleasant and very happy to receive guests and chat with them over a cup of tea or coff

Wander the souq in Nablus's old town - known as "Little Damascus"

Forget Jerusalem's old town - if you want to shop in a real market without tourist items, head to Nablus, where what you see on display is what people living there want to buy! Get lost in the market, discover interesting things and meet lovely people. You may also discover bullet holes and destroyed buildings. This is the result of the Israeli military operations in Nablus during the second Intifada in 2002. More info on Nablus: UNESCO application for the Old Town #365days #

Visit a world-famous brewery

Due in part to the increasing popularity of craft beer around the world, Palestine now boasts not one, but TWO breweries, both producing excellent beer that goes down very well in the warm summer months. It is essential that you try the beer, and it is highly recommended that you visit one of the breweries. The more established of the two breweries, Taybeh Brewery, is located in a small Christian village (Taybeh), about 30 minutes from Ramallah by Taxi. Taybeh produces four d

Mountain biking around Jericho in Spring

Mountain biking is gaining traction in the West Bank and is definitely an activity that gets your blood and adrenalin pumping. The nature around Jericho is a mountain-biker's dream - with challenging terrain that is rewarded with beautiful vistas. The mountainbiking community in the West Bank is very friendly and approachable, which is great for beginners or less experienced riders. Ramallah Baby also went on a tour with Palestine Riders. Good for: Adrenalin junkies and to di

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