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Showcasing the things that make Palestine a unique and inspiring destination



My time in Ramallah has been so great, and I really hope that more people decide to visit Ramallah and Palestine. There are a lot of things to do, but often the right information is lacking - which I hope to address with this map of Ramallah. 


The map aims to maximise the experience of visiting Ramallah by providing short term visitors with specific suggestions based on local knoweldge and research. I have included tourist sites, restaurants, bars and some shops that I love, as well as a suggested itinerary for a day trip. Obviously there is so much more to discover than what I have mentioned in the map, but based on my travel experience, I believe these suggestions give a really good idea of what life is like in Ramallah. 


The trip to Ramallah is an experience in itself and really not dangerous if you are aware of your surroundings and take some care. In the map I outline a number of options for getting to Ramallah from Jerusalem (and back again). 


Over time I hope to add more places to the map, and maybe develop maps for other cities in the West Bank - but for now I hope you enjoy this map and spread the word about visiting Ramallah! Please note that the map is not based on any commercial relationships and that I do not benefit financially from it. 


Click below to download a printable version of map, which folds for your trip

Notes for printing:


  • The best way to print the map is double-sided ('flip on short edge') and in colour on A4 size paper. The 'fit' printing function should also be used to ensure that there are no extra margins when printing

  • The map is intended to be folded in a way that shows the lion at the front. This requires one 'parallel' fold and two 'right angle' folds. On the left side there is a small picture to illustrate how it is meant to be folded

  • When printing in bulk, I advise you to always print a test first and also fold the test map and make sure that it has printed in the right way. A good test is to check whether the writing on the front of the map (the lion side) is clearly in the middle of the folded section. If the lion and text do not look like it they are centred, the margins have not printed correctly. 

  • Some printers (notably HP printers) automatically add margins when printing in duplex function - which cannot be avoided unfortunately! 



If you would like to access the map online (offline also possible through google maps, but test this first), here are all the sites replicated in google maps. 


This map includes all things to do mentioned on this website. 

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