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Drink Palestinian beer

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

With the weather warming up, my desire to drink red wine is diminishing, and I'm looking forward to enjoying beer in the sun again!

I have always been impressed with the fact that you can buy local beer in Palestine, and that it takes extremely delicious as well. Since mid last year, a new brewery joined the 'scene' (of one other brewery), and I think a bit of competition and variety in the market was much needed! The locals are definitely very happy to have more choice when deciding to support the local market with their drinking dollars.

There are many excellent articles about the two breweries, and I've blogged about visiting Taybeh as well.

Overall there are now quite a few beers to choose from! Here a quick guide based on the breweries' websites.

Taybeh Brewery: (

Birzeit Brewery: (


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