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Enjoy BBQ chicken at Zarour

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

This Ramallah establishment is huge so would be great for larger groups. The outside area is calming with water features and not-too-loud music. Zarour specialises in grilled meat, and our table had the mixed grill, of which the chicken was definitely the highlight. The recipe for the spice mix has brought fame to the Zarour family, who guard it with their life!

A nice thing about Zarour is that it does not have shisha facilities as apparently most other places offer these days - attracting a sensible post-work crowd during the week.

Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the food as it was too dark, and three days later I am still processing the garlic from some special sauce that was served alongside the mezze starter. The babaganoush is also fantastic.

Zarour Restaurant Ramallah

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