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Showcasing the things that make Palestine a unique and inspiring destination

Enjoy the sunset with a drink at Ankar

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

This restaurant / bar has a great spot overlooking the south-western parts of Ramallah. It has both an indoor and outdoor area; the decor and overall vibe reminded me of the beach bars back home in Perth. I say beach bar because the designers were clearly very clever to create the feeling of being at the beach, especially during sunset. The walkways are covered with good quality fake grass, and the very comforable seats are on white limestone.

The staff were really friendly, the supply of nuts, pretzels and veggies was also plentiful and they served local and international beer... so all in all a great place to catch up with friends. Because it is not in the city centre it attracts a more local crowd, however taxis are so cheap here it is only a 10NIS (£1.50) ride away.

I cannot vouch for the food but it looked good, albeit at international prices comparable to London.

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