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Join a German "Stammtisch" at Flamingo

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Despite the fact that this restaurant describes itself as a "Superior Restaurant and Cafe", which I find a bit questionable and unnecessary, the place is actually very nice. It has a large elevated outdoor sitting area with a water feature, a well-kept garden and a massive shade cloth to protect from the sun on hot days. The bar inside looks dark and cozy like something that you would find in a trendy hotel anywhere in the world.

I came here for an iced coffee in the early evening of a very hot day and it was very enjoyable. Free wifi (as is usual for most places in Ramallah), comfortable chairs, a mix of Mariah Carey and Celine Dion music and a friendly waiter who offered to teach me arabic make this a very pleasant place at which to pass a couple of hours in the evening.

Again I'm not sure about the food but given that the Germans and French meet here monthly for their expat gatherings, this must mean something.

Flamingo Restaurant Ramallah

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