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Showcasing the things that make Palestine a unique and inspiring destination

Staying fit in Ramallah - not hard, in principle

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Ramallah can keep up well in the fitness department, with several well-equipped gyms and even an official CrossFit club (another business idea bites the dust). Perhaps that means that Ramallah will soon see a different type of visitor?

I have been going to gyms all over the world for many many years, and I can honestly say that the gym I joined in Ramallah, called Solo Gym, is one fo the best I've seen so far. Spread over two floors, it has all the gear you would expect from a good gym - as well as heaps of things that I have not seen in a gym before.

Although I'm not planning to use all the features, here are just a few things that make it so great...

First of all, it has a boxing ring!!!

I certainly haven't seen hoola hoops, gymnastic rings, or table tennis tables in a gym before! Just ignore the fact that some of the hoola hoops look a bit bent! There's a foosball table in the background as well.

My personal favourite is the "Business Room". It does at this point only include some tables and chairs, but it is a start to make business meetings in the gym more acceptable. The photo below is of the sign on the door.

And it's hard not to get inspired by the view from the treadmill... if you're lucky you may even spot a drone heading back to Israel (as I did the first time I worked out there).

Last but not least, I have been in two minds about whether to post this... but I was very excited to find a weight jacket in the gym. I've been reading about these and have always wanted to try one. Apparently wearing it on the treadmill makes for an amazingly effective workout, and because you're not bouncing up an down, it is possible to read emails (i.e. do work) on the ipad.

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