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Taste Palestine's answer to Pizza - "M'sakhan"

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

M'sakhan is a very special Palestinian dish, which attracts a lot of interesting folklore.

The base is made of Taboun bread, which is like extremely fluffy pitta bread and get's its name from the oven in which it was traditionally baked. The bread is covered with a mixture of caramelised onions and sumac spice, and topped with pieces of chicken that have been boiled and then roasted, and roasted almonds.

There is also a lot of oil involved, and the traditional way is to add enough oil to the bread so that it runs along your forearm and drips onto the floor from your elbow....

First and foremost, this dish can only be eaten when the weather is right - not too hot and not too cold.

This is because the oil can affect you in unexpected ways based on the temperature, and as such a mild climate is recommended. I was asked to bring a jacket so that cooler wind that appears in the evening would not hit my stomach and make me feel sick (presumably because the oil may turn solid if the consumer gets too cold).

You also need to consume 3-5 olives and a few spoonfuls of yoghurt following the meal to calm the stomach, just in case.

This dish can be ordered in a number of restaurants, but it is best eaten with a local family that knows how to cook it properly!


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