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Watch a performance by the Kamandjati music school

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Al-Kamandjati Music School

The Kamandjati Music school was founded in 2004 in Ramallah, and it is definitely worth watching one of their performances or even visiting the school, which is located in a beautifully restored building in Ramallah's old town.

The story of the school's founder, Ramzi, is quite fascinating. Born in 1979, Ramzi spend most of his childhood in a refugee camp, and seemed destined to spend his life in an Israeli prison after playing an active role in the first intifada between 1987 - 1992. However, he fell in love with music and started to learn the viola - after a chance meeting at a music workshop.

These days he holds the philosophy that music is an expression against Israeli violence, and this can be witnessed in a number of concerts performed across Palestine and internationally. Today, Al-Kamandjati Music School has over 60 students, with international teachers.

Check their Facebook page for up to date information on performances.

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